Community Coffee Co. said Monday it has begun selling single servings for customers with single-cup coffee brewers.

The new single-serve cups, available in grocery stores and online at, will be offered in Dark Roast, Café Special and Breakfast Blend.

The “K-cups” — named after Keurig, which popularized the single-serve systems — are the fastest-growing segment for home consumption of coffee, Community Coffee Chairman Matt Saurage said. The single-serve cups account for around 20 percent of the dollars spent on coffee consumed at home.

The percentage is that high because consumers are willing to pay more for the convenience of making one cup of coffee at a time, Saurage said.

It costs 50 cents to 60 cents to make an eight- to 10-cup pot of coffee with ground Community Coffee. The K-cups cost around 50 cents per cup.

Saurage said the Baton Rouge coffee company had gotten a number of requests on its Facebook page and through customer service for the single-serve cups.

The single-serve packages are being rolled out in South Louisiana and on the Internet first, Saurage said, but the new packages will eventually be available throughout the southeastern United States.