A Hammond man who led law enforcement on a 16-mile, high-speed car chase through Livingston Parish early Sunday ended up ditching the car just a short distance from his girlfriend’s home near Holden and fleeing on foot before being captured.

Roland J. Reine, 41, got the attention of a Walker police officer about 2 a.m., when he slammed on the brakes of a Mitsubishi Lancer at Walker South Road and Florida Boulevard, despite having a green light, Capt. John Sharp said Monday.

Reine appeared to be arguing with his passenger, who later identified herself as Reine’s girlfriend, Sharp said.

The officer followed Reine as he turned south on Walker South Road and initially slowed as if he were going to pull over. The girlfriend put both of her arms out of the passenger window several times, as if signaling that she wanted out of the car.

But, Reine continued toward Interstate 12, accelerating to 65 mph and swerving dangerously as he crossed the two-lane overpass, Sharp said.

As Reine tried to turn quickly onto I-12, the woman opened her door and stuck her leg out as if to escape, Sharp said. Reine grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back into the car.

Reine accelerated again on I-12, hitting speeds of 110 mph to 115 mph and swerving from lane to lane, Sharp said. Livingston police and the Sheriff’s Office joined the pursuit as Reine continued east.

“It was not clear at the time what Mr. Reine hoped to accomplish by forcing the pursuit,” Sharp said. “It should have been immediately apparent to him that the Mitsubishi, though fast, was no match for our Dodge Charger Police Interceptors. And had it been necessary, we could have called out LPSO Air Support for assistance.”

At Holden, Reine turned right onto La. 441, ultimately ending up on James Chapel Road, with officers and deputies immediately behind him.

There, Reine stopped the car, jumped out and ran, wearing only a pair of cutoff blue jeans. He took a final drag from his cigarette before fleeing into the woods, Sharp said.

Reine’s girlfriend remained in the car with her hands sticking out of the passenger window while officers searched her for weapons and injuries. The woman said the car belonged to her and Reine was her boyfriend. The couple got into an argument after leaving a Denham Springs party, Sharp said.

She said she pleaded for Reine to stop and let her out of the car, but he had promised her that he was going to get her home. Reine had stopped the car only four houses down from her home.

With standing water from recent rains and a thick undergrowth of briars making the wooded chase a tough slog for Reine, officers quickly caught up with him, Sharp said. Reine resisted, but was soon handcuffed and escorted back to the police vehicles.

A Breathalyzer test recorded Reine’s blood alcohol content level at 0.103 percent. A driver with a level of 0.08 percent or higher is considered intoxicated under Louisiana law.

Reine was booked on counts of first-offense DWI, careless operation, false imprisonment, aggravated obstruction of a highway of commerce, aggravated flight from an officer, resisting an officer, reckless operation and no driver’s license.

Reine remained in jail Monday in lieu of $52,835 bail.

“Remarkably, no vehicles or other property were damaged as a result of Mr. Reine’s actions, and nobody was injured,” Sharp said.