Man who tried to elude Livingston deputies in a handcuffed chase involving crashes and stun guns is sentenced to 15 years _lowres

Jessie Ray Mouille

After threatening his girlfriend with a machete and being arrested, Jessie Ray Mouille escaped custody, commandeered a Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office cruiser and nearly ran over two deputies, who fired on him at least 19 times with handguns and a shotgun. Two separate car chases ensued, one ending when a deputy wrecked another cruiser into the one Mouille stole, and the second concluding with a fist fight involving multiple Taser shocks.

This week, Mouille, now 22, was sentenced to 15 years for a variety of counts, including two counts of attempted murder, related to the morning of Jan. 26, 2014.

That day, Mouille’s mother called law enforcement to her home on Robbie Lee Drive near Watson Baptist Church, saying Mouille had beaten his girlfriend the night before. Deputies recalled what followed in dozens of pages of incident reports, a State Police investigative file and court records.

Mouille initially lied about his identity, but deputies had a photograph of him and arrested him on an outstanding warrant for illegal possession of stolen things, though Mouille resisted and was subdued with shots from a stun gun.

After putting him in a squad car, deputies attempted to investigate the battery allegation. Mouille’s mother later said he had choked his girlfriend, while the girlfriend added that he menaced her with a machete, and investigators found cuts on her neck that supported the accusation.

While they were trying to investigate the battery, Mouille was in the back seat of cruiser No. 340 and had managed to pass his cuffed hands to the front of his body.

“Mouille was able to climb through the cage window that separates the front and rear seats to gain control of the LSPO unit,” wrote State Police investigator Keith Bennett.

Mouille began driving toward the deputies, and Sgt. Lance Beall fired at the cruiser once, and Deputy Jeremy Patt shot nine or 10 times. Mouille did not hit any of the deputies but did strike his mother’s home before reaching the road and fleeing.

Patt followed Mouille in another car and fired six more times at him. Beall chased Mouille and struck the fleeing vehicle with his own cruiser, causing both units to crash through a fence and become stuck.

Mouille took off running toward his home, where he took “a handcuff key out of his bedroom and removed the handcuff on his right wrist” before stealing the keys to his mother’s Jeep, according to Bennett’s report.

Mouille again drove toward Patt, who had retrieved a shotgun and fired three times at the Jeep.

Mouille made it to Perkins Road, where patrol Lt. Ricky Hunt found the Jeep while responding to the other deputies’ distress call. Mouille led him on a high-speed chase, once stopping in the middle of the road, getting out of the vehicle, then running back in and speeding off.

Eventually, he made it to the Tiger Mart at 9414 La. 1025 in Denham Springs, by which time multiple sheriff’s cruisers were tailing him.

Mouille got out of the Jeep and ran to another car where several family members were inside. Thinking he was trying to carjack another driver, a deputy shot at Mouille with a stun gun, but he got back up.

Another deputy tried to disable him by striking a nerve in Mouille’s leg, which Bennett wrote “had no effect.”

Mouille was shot again with a stun gun and, with two deputies holding him down, was finally retaken into custody.

According to a State Police Crime Lab report, it was difficult to collect a blood sample from Mouille “due to gunshot wounds to arms and bandaging.”

However, they did test his urine, which contained “no drugs of toxicological significance.”

Bennett determined the deputies who fired on Mouille were justified in the shooting.

Monday, Mouille pleaded no contest to seven charges, including two counts of attempted first-degree murder, and was given a total sentence of 15 years with credit for time served.

Wednesday, Sheriff Jason Ard said the incident has not affected department procedure for handling suspects in custody.

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