Police: Denham Springs councilman kicks truck door, causing it to hit wife’s head; he faces misdemeanor domestic battery count _lowres

Christopher Davis

The Denham Springs City Council member arrested Thursday in a domestic abuse incident is accused of hitting his wife with the door of his truck, though his wife has since said it was an accident.

Chris Davis, 40, faces one misdemeanor count of domestic abuse battery. Police reported the incident occurred early in the morning of Jan. 15.

Davis said Friday the arrest warrant wasn’t issued until recently. In the interim, he said, he had been getting treatment in Texas to deal with problems he’s experienced since being molested by a priest years ago.

A few hours before the Jan. 15 incident, Davis and his wife had been quarreling and had contacted police several times beginning the previous night, a police report says. After one of the blow-ups, the couple decided to separate for the night, and Davis planned to go to his mother’s home.

At 2:15 a.m., Davis’ wife called police to their home on Oakwood Drive in Denham Springs, where she had “a large knot and bruising on her head,” the affidavit states. The councilman was gone when officers arrived.

Davis’ wife told police that she had been helping her husband pack his truck with personal belongings. While loading some speakers, Davis kicked a truck door closed, which hit her, the report says.

In an interview Friday, Davis said his wife was crouched down and that he did not see her when he closed the door.

“That night was an accident,” he said.

Hours after calling police, Davis’ wife phoned police back, saying “she no longer wishes to file charges against Mr. Davis and stated that it was not his fault. She further advised that he was molested as a child and believes that is the reason that he acts the way he does.”

Davis’ wife said the day of the incident that he was scheduled to go to a treatment center in Texas. Davis eventually surrendered to authorities on Thursday. He said the arrest warrant was not issued immediately after the incident.

Davis said Friday he was not at the scene when police arrived because he had gone to work. Since then, he has been in treatment in Texas for post-traumatic stress disorder related to the molestation. He said he initially tried to get eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy in December but had trouble with his insurance. He received the treatment in January and said it has had an “amazing” effect on stopping his nightmares and flashbacks. He is now staying with family in Denham Springs.

During the course of the events related to the January incident, the court issued an abuse prevention order forbidding the councilman from approaching or contacting his wife.

However, Davis’ wife petitioned the court to dissolve the order.

“The incident causing the protective order to be automatically put in place was an accident,” she wrote in the appeal.

“I stated to the police and prosecutor it was an accident. There was no prior violence or since. I never asked for or needed a protective order.”

Judge Charlotte Foster denied without comment the request to dissolve the protective order.