AMITE — The Tangipahoa Parish Council has agreed to place tax propositions for Rural Fire Protection District 2 and Hood Memorial Hospital before parish voters in the March 24 primary election.

The council voted unanimously during its meeting Monday to go forward with the proposals, with Councilmen Carlo Notariano and Lionel Wells absent.

Voters served by the fire district would decide whether to continue paying a 10-mill property tax for another 10 years.

The purpose of the tax is to support continued maintenance and improvements to fire protection services, officials said.

The proposed 3rd Ward tax to provide additional funding to help Hood Memorial Hospital deliver short-term care is a “reinstatement” of a prior property tax that was allowed to expire in the 1990s, financial consultant James Ryan said.

“It is technically a renewal,” although it is set up as a new tax, he said.

Ryan said hospital board members seated prior to expiration of the tax had asked the parish to stop collecting the tax because at that time the hospital could do without additional financial support.

Ryan said while hospital finances remain “in good shape,” the request to reinstate the tax is based on projected future needs.

Both tax proposals must receive State Bond Commission approval before they are placed on the election ballot.

Other business coming before the council included:

LIQUOR PERMIT: The council heard from David “Red” Rogoz concerning a liquor permit application previously denied for Daddy’s Cajun Grill in Loranger.

Rogoz said he received verbal clearance from Sheriff Daniel Edwards concerning liquor sales at the establishment.

Council Chairman Tom Tolar said the parish must receive the permit clearance in writing before further action can be taken on the application.

Councilman Carlos Bruno said Rogoz needs to produce written approval from each property owner surrounding the proposed business location as required in a court order issued concerning liquor sales at that site.

Rogoz said he provided the sheriff with notarized copies of property owner statements supporting the new business.

Tolar said the matter would be addressed by the Police Jury upon receipt of a statement of clearance from the Sheriff’s Office.