Former Livingston Parish contractor says message to woman not meant as threat _lowres

Corey delaHoussaye

The Livingston Parish district attorney plans to appeal a state court judge’s finding of no probable cause in the prosecution of former parish contractor Corey delaHoussaye on allegations of overbilling on a parish contract.

District Attorney Scott Perrilloux, of the 21st Judicial District Court, said Tuesday that his office will file an appeal of Judge Brenda Ricks’ ruling with the state 1st Circuit Court of Appeal.

Ricks ruled late Monday that the state had not provided sufficient evidence to warrant a trial on 54 counts of falsifying public records and five counts of theft. Ricks did not state the reasons for her ruling, which followed a hearing where the only witness was investigator Jessica Webb, of the state Inspector General’s Office.

Webb testified that delaHoussaye played golf, tanned, worked out and received cosmetic surgery and other treatments during hours he billed the parish for wetlands mitigation and burn site closure work after Hurricane Gustav.

Defense attorney John McLindon argued that delaHoussaye worked more hours than he billed and that Webb’s investigation was conducted without legal authority and ignored evidence in delaHoussaye’s favor.

Prosecutors said they intend to take the case to trial, despite Ricks’ ruling.

The court will hear additional motions in the case April 20.

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