A Denham Springs-area recycling business seeking to relocate met with opposition Thursday from its would-be neighbors who are concerned about potential noise, dust and traffic problems.

The Livingston Parish Council tabled consideration of a preliminary site plan for a new Eastside Recycling location on Florida Boulevard, just east of Denham Springs. The business would be relocating from its site on Pete’s Highway, south of the city.

Carl Highsmith, of the Gray’s Creek Homeowners’ Association, said he and his neighbors have nothing against recycling, but the industrial business is incompatible with the residential area it would join.

Eastside owner Jonathan Rovira Jr. said he is willing to meet with the residents to address their concerns. He said his plans already include a 20-foot-high warehouse building that would block neighbors’ view of the scrap yard, concrete to all but eliminate dust and new equipment with quieter engines to reduce noise.

Council Chairman Chance Parent said that without zoning there is nothing the parish can do to stop Rovira from locating wherever he chooses. As the parish grows and attracts more businesses, the conflict between land uses only increases, Parent said.

“We’ve had a lot of pushback on zoning in Livingston Parish,” he said. “I’m hoping everybody’s starting to understand and see what’s happening in this parish. Nobody has any protection.”

Councilman Ricky Goff agreed, saying the best thing that residents can ask for, absent zoning restrictions, is that business owners will work with them to resolve any potential conflicts before they arise.

“Y’all will be neighbors, no doubt,” Goff said. “But I think we need to try to start off on the right foot.”

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