A traffic stop in Tangipahoa Parish earlier this year has led law enforcement to two men who allegedly dealt cocaine, several kilos at a time.

In May, a deputy stopped Frederick Brown for speeding on Interstate 12 near Robert, the Sheriff’s Office has said. During a search of his truck, authorities found a suitcase stuffed with about $800,000.

Brown said he was being paid $50,000 to bring the money from a man in Alabama to Houston, where he could buy “several kilograms of cocaine from the ‘Mexican,’ ” according to a criminal complaint filed in New Orleans federal court Friday.

Brown also said he had previously made five trips carting cocaine from Houston back to Atlanta and that a few weeks before his arrest, he obtained 30 kilograms from Cruz Rocha and his driver, Derrick Fields, who are both accused of conspiracy to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine in the complaint.

Brown identified his drug contact in Houston as a man later determined to be Rocha, according to the complaint. Special Agent Chad Scott of the Drug Enforcement Agency, used Brown’s phone to text Rocha and set up a meeting.

On May 28, Scott tried to lure Rocha to a gas station in Houston, but Rocha sent Fields to go in his place, the complaint states. Fields saw local police and fled but was caught and agreed to cooperate. However, Rocha and Fields, knowing they were set up, “were dumping telephones,” according to the complaint.

“Rocha owed the money to the ‘Big Man’ for cocaine provided to Brown,” Fields told Scott.

The authorities released Fields after he gave up the location of an apartment used to count money and store cocaine, where authorities found money counters and packaging material, Scott wrote.

Fields was arrested in Texas on Friday, DEA Special Agent Debbie Webber said. As of Tuesday afternoon, she said Rocha was still at large.