DENHAM SPRINGS — After a long public hearing and City Council debate, council members tabled action on an issue involving Kidz Korner Playland on Monday night so the mayor can attempt to work out a compromise with area residents.

More than 100 people packed the council chambers as the council took up the issue of building a privacy fence between River Road and the playground designed to accommodate children with disabilities.

Several residents of River Road complained about crowds that pack the playground and its parking lot.

At the last council meeting, the council voted to build a privacy fence between the parking lot and the homes across River Road, but members of the Denham Springs Pilot Club and users of the park persuaded city officials to hold a rehearing Monday.

Opponents of the fence said it would reduce visibility of the park and compromise the safety of the children using it.

The council listened to speakers for two hours before an extended debate on the issue.

Finally, Councilwoman Annie Fugler withdrew her motion to rescind the council’s earlier action, and Councilman Arthur Perkins withdrew his second and agreed to table the matter until the next meeting while Mayor Jimmy Durbin tries to work out a compromise between the parties.

Councilman Chris Davis suggested a fence that would be three feet tall at each end and gradually rise to six feet tall in the area where it most affects neighboring homes.

Representatives of both sides said they would have to see the plans for such a fence before agreeing to it.