Livingston contractor wants DA removed, judge puts off decision _lowres

Corey Delahoussaye

The Livingston Parish Council on Thursday proposed a new settlement offer for a pair of civil court cases involving a former parish contractor.

After convening in executive session, the council agreed to pay Corey delaHoussaye’s company C-Del Inc. $325,000, which council Chairman Chance Parent called a “take it or leave it” offer.

DelaHoussaye’s most recent claim to the parish totals $525,000, which he said Thursday covers the $379,000 in unpaid invoices as well as damages and his legal fees. When asked in a telephone interview about the council’s most recent offer, he said he would wait to comment until he had been officially notified of the amount.

Both sides have now amended their proposed settlement amount, with the parish raising from an offer of $300,000 and delaHoussaye coming down from $579,000.

In a rare sight, District Attorney Scott Perrilloux joined the council in executive session to discuss the matter.

Parent said the council wanted to make sure the DA was on board with its offer because of a pending criminal case in which delaHoussaye is accused of falsifying records and theft related to his billing.

“I’m a little perplexed as to the strategy of Mr. Scott Perrilloux. … I don’t think you can have both pieces of the pie,” delaHoussaye said.

The District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting him for alleged wrongdoings while also discussing a settlement amount in civil court, he noted.

Perrilloux pointed out that his office represents the council, and Parent noted the parish’s offer is still less than what delaHoussaye billed.

“The decision was very much a practical one” to save on future legal costs, Perrilloux said, adding that he does not think the offer would impact the criminal case.

On another matter, Councilman Ricky Goff gave an update on a proposed extension to Juban Road that, if approved, would connect Florida Boulevard to Lockhart Road. He expects to present a map of a proposed route at the next council meeting. If approved, the parish can begin approaching landowners buy the property needed and look for funding of the project, which he estimated between $8 million and $9 million.

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