Deputies confiscated several hundred packets of “synthetic marijuana” from eight of 10 stores searched in Livingston Parish Friday, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

The stores were searched as a result of information gathered by undercover agents of the Livingston Parish Inter-Agency Task Force, sheriff’s spokesman Perry Rushing said in a news release.

Products branded “Green Grass,” “White Rabbit,” “Demon,” “New Dimension,” “Bayou Blaster” and others were confiscated, Rushing said.

No arrests were made, Rushing said.

The confiscated materials will be sent to the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory for analysis to determine whether or not they are illegal substances, Rushing said.

Detectives also searched for invoices and other records relating to the purchase or sale of these products, Rushing said.

Once the analysis of the substances is complete, detectives plan to consult with District Attorney Scott Perrilloux to determine if any arrests should be made, Rushing said.