A Walker homeowner shot a fleeing 17-year-old home invader in a Sunday incident involving a stolen gun, a stolen car and the kidnapping of three people, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office reported Monday.

The accused invader, identified as Benjamin A. Jarreau, faces 10 criminal counts, while the homeowner was arrested for illegal use of a weapon and attempted second-degree murder, according to a news release.

Just after noon Sunday, deputies were called to 26229 Walker South Road for a reported home invasion. They say that about 9 a.m., Jarreau drove to the home in a 2009 Ford Fusion he stole from Prairieville with a .22 rifle he nabbed in a second burglary.

Armed with the gun, Jarreau went inside the home of Aaron Neames, 24, described as his acquaintance. Though Neames was not at the house when Jarreau arrived, three people were inside, including a juvenile.

Investigators said Jarreau took their phones and keys, and forced them to look for drugs and money inside the house. He later told deputies he was looking for money to pay off a debt, Sheriff Jason Ard said in the news release.

After about three hours, Neames arrived at the house, and Jarreau opened fire, shooting three times. A fight broke out, and Jarreau lost his gun in the scuffle. Jarreau ran out of the house and got into the stolen car to drive away, but as he fled, Neames shot him several times in the shoulder area, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Jarreau, 14065 Pecan Ridge Drive, Gonzales, was treated at a hospital and has since been booked in the Livingston Parish jail on one count each of illegal use of a weapon, illegal possession of a stolen firearm, illegal possession of a stolen vehicle and home invasion. He also faces three counts of aggravated kidnapping and three counts of armed robbery. His bail has been set at $792,500.

Neames faces one count each of illegal use of a weapon and attempted second-degree murder. He was booked on $85,000 bail but has since been released.

Shortly after posting the release to his Facebook page, Ard said, some people asked about the decision to arrest Neames.

“The suspect had been disarmed and was leaving the residence in his vehicle. The threat of ‘life in danger’ was over,” the sheriff said. “According to law, the homeowner was charged.”