The Young Men of Character Program of Pecan Grove Primary School met for its monthly meeting on Jan. 23, where the featured topic was the foreign exchange.

Guest speakers included Kintu "KinCandles" Tucker, of Atlanta, a master trader and transaction engineer with FOREX Traders; and Kerry Lockett, a FOREX Trade trainer. Tucker taught the boys about trading money in foreign markets and made illustrations of a bull and a bear to describe the markets.

The boys learned that a bull market is a financial market in which prices are rising or expected to rise and a bear market is when securities prices fall and a negative outlook influences the stock markets’ downward spiral to be self-sustaining, a news release said. The markets were named for the way the animals attack their opponents: a bull thrusts its horns upward and a bear swipes its paws downward.

Young Men of Character mentors in attendance were Mark Peters, Tim Riley, coach Benny Saia, James Lewis and Charlie Stevenson.