The Ascension Parish School Board recognized the 2018 Support Employees of the Year on May 15.

According to a news release, awards were given to one support employee from each school plus one outstanding employee in each division: primary school, elementary/middle school and high school.

Outstanding honors in each division went to Kellie Nickens, ISS presider at Spanish Lake Primary School; Allison Norman, paraprofessional at Dutchtown Middle School; and Tracy Bourgeois, secretary at East Ascension High School.

"Our support employees are making quality experiences for our students every day. Whether you bring a child to school, greet a child, help a child in the classroom, serve a child a meal, help us keep our facilities up and serve our schools in many more ways, you are ensuring a quality experience for every child. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication," Superintendent David Alexander said.

Primary School Support Employees of the Year

  • Darlene White, paraprofessional, Ascension Head Start
  • Patrina Scott, paraprofessional, G.W. Carver Primary
  • Abby Barbour, paraprofessional, Central Primary
  • Kim Dawson, paraprofessional, Donaldsonville Primary
  • Sandy Harry, facility manager, Duplessis Primary
  • Laurie Bastin, secretary A, Dutchtown Primary
  • Adrien Lambert, paraprofessional, Galvez Primary
  • Marlene Fuller, paraprofessional, Gonzales Primary
  • Laci LeBlanc, ISS presider, Lakeside Primary
  • Deon Mickin, paraprofessional, Lowery Elementary
  • Lynette LaCombe, paraprofessional, Oak Grove Primary
  • Peggy Kern, secretary B, Pecan Grove Primary
  • Annie Andry, secretary B, Prairieville Primary
  • Trish Little, school nurse, Sorrento Primary
  • Kellie Nickens, ISS presider, Spanish Lake Primary
  • April Galtier, ISS presider, St. Amant Primary

Middle School Support Employees of the Year

  • Carolyn Goodwin, custodian, Central Middle
  • Allison Norman, paraprofessional, Dutchtown Middle
  • Melissa Gonzales, secretary B, Galvez Middle
  • Alicia Johnson, secretary B, Gonzales Middle
  • Frankie Hood, bus driver, Lake Elementary
  • Andrea Landry, guidance clerk, Lowery Middle
  • Ashley Boyer, library clerk, Prairieville Middle
  • Anita Cann, paraprofessional, St. Amant Middle

High School Support Employees of the Year

  • Shelita Dunham, custodian, APPLe Digital Academy
  • Calice Babin, custodian, Donaldsonville High
  • Julie Diez, secretary B, Dutchtown High
  • Tracy Bourgeois, secretary B, East Ascension High
  • Janet Mackay, custodian, St. Amant High