Prairieville Middle School student Sophie Norrick wanted to learn how well Wi-Fi signals travel through obstacles and classmate Allen Babin was curious about how often people protect their Wi-Fi passwords.

The students’ curiosity won them honors in the school’s recent Science Fair.

Students began working on their projects in August.

All students are required to complete a project in various science categories.

“As always, students worked on their projects in all of their classes: Graphs in math class, research in English and social studies and parts of the experiment in science,” said Patricia Peno, seventh-grade life science teacher.

The school held an open house for parents Jan. 10. This year, fifth-graders from primary schools were invited.

“The idea was that the incoming students would have a better idea of what will be expected of them next year,” she said.

Science teachers pick the best projects to display in the fair. This year, Peno said, there were 170 projects in the fair, with judging on Friday.

The first- and second-place entries move on to regional competition Feb. 19.

Winners included:

Animal Science: Dylan Lazalere, first; Zoe Fyfe and Melanie Morgan, second; and Thomas Hidalgo, third.

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Brooke Ducote, first; Mary Macias, second; and Austin Price, third.

Biochemistry: Stephen Leblanc, first; Grant Simon, second; and Natalie Louque, third.

Cellular and Molecular Biology: Cole Morrison, first; Kelsey Brooks, second; and Madeleine Richard, third.

Chemistry: Derek Rogers and Katie Cameron, first; Rebecca Lily, second; and Austin Aucoin, third.

Computer Science: Sophie Norrick, first; and Allen Babin, second.

Earth and Planetary Science: Matthew Rosendale, first; Haley Hill, second; and Cooper Jones, third.

Energy and Transportation: Alyssa Strickland, first; Erik Viator, second; and Andrew St. Germain, third.

Engineering, materials and bioengineering: Morgan Potts, first; Erik Howard, second; and Nihal Gopolam, third.

Engineering, electrical and mechanical: Zachary Hatfield, first; Hanna Chaisson, second; and Austin Guillot, third.

Environmental Management: Annie Pavleszek, first; Nicholas Peno, second; and Christina Robertson, third.

Math: Camille Peno, first; and Gary Smith, second.

Medicine and Health: Kyndall Barnes, first; Cameron Kell and Cameron Mulrooney, second; and William Jackson, third.

Microbiology: Savannah Burd, first; Ross Lilly, second; and Robert Liggett, third.

Physics and Astronomy: Rachel Stockwell, first; Eric Rogers, second; and Zachary Hattier, third.

Plant Sciences: J.C. Chevallier, first; Joseph Faluker, second; and Lindsey Delaughter, third.