The city received a nearly clean bill of financial health Tuesday, as its contracted auditor released his firm’s findings to the City Council.

Mike Waguespack, of Waguespack and Gallagher, said while the city received an unqualified, or clean, opinion, there were a handful of findings in the annual audit.

One item involved an internal control issue concerning payroll distribution, Waguespack said.

“Some deductions were not made in a timely matter, but these issues were resolved,” Waguespack told the council, adding that the city outsourced with a payroll firm to handle future processes.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr. said the new payroll system would begin with the upcoming March pay period.

Another concern covered inadequate documentation of some travel expenses, Waguespack said.

“We recommend the city use more of a mileage reimbursement program,” he said, also adding that the city may want to consider adopting a per diem program to cover meals for employees traveling on city business.

Waguespack said two minor budget amendment issues and cash transit timing issues were discovered, but that the matters were corrected and had no significant impact on city finances.

“All in all, the books are in very good shape,” Waguespack said.

SUNSHINE FESTIVAL: DeRon Talley, of the Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors, asked the council for suggestions on how to improve this year’s Sunshine Festival, scheduled for June 4-7.

Talley said the chamber is looking to possibly move the event from the South Louisiana State Fairgrounds on the edge of the city to Louisiana Square downtown.

The festival, which has been a staple in the community for decades, was canceled last year so the chamber could revamp its structure for 2015.

“In recent years, it’s shrunk to more of a fair,” Talley said. “We want to make it a festival again.”

Council Chairman Raymond Aucoin said the council will add discussion about the festival as a regular item on its upcoming committee of the whole meeting agendas.