Registration is underway for the mini pot jambalaya cook-off at the Jambalaya Festival Aug. 28 in Gonzales.

The mini pot contest, a fundraiser for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, is held along New River Canal next to the Gonzales Civic Center. The cook-off calls for pots no larger than one quart used to prepare the micro dish of the rice concoction that made Gonzales famous.

Cooks compete in different divisions: children’s category for those under 12, junior’s division for ages 13-17; women's division for 18 and older and men's division for 18 and over. The entry fee is $20.

To register, visit and for more information, call Brent Gautreau at (225) 485-7875.

Ingredients allowed include 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of pork and ½ cup sausage with seasonings onion, garlic, bell pepper, celery, red and black pepper, hot sauce and salt. Ingredients, pot, wood and utensils to be furnished by cook. Jambalaya to be cooked over wood fire. No enhancers or color aids to be used and children 12 and younger may be supervised and/or assisted by an adult for safety.