The city of Gonzales will be getting approximately $33,400 more in property tax monies this year, thanks to higher, reassessed property values.

As property values rise in an area — 2016 was the year for property assessments, conducted every four years by parish assessors’ offices — tax rates are automatically rolled back. But governing bodies are allowed to roll forward, or increase, the property tax millage to the original level votes approved, thus reaping the extra revenue.

For the city of Gonzales that’s a total of 8.8 mills in property tax.

On Monday, the City Council voted to “roll forward” or increase a millage for its general fund that had been adjusted downward to 5.12 mills because of increased property values. They rolled it back up to 5.28 mills, the same rate it was in 2015. That millage is expected to bring in $20,636 in additional revenues for the city because of the property reassessment.

A millage of 3.27 for the city’s fire department remained the same because, City Clerk Clay Stafford said, it’s the first year of the latest 10-year renewal of the millage, approved by voters in the spring of 2015. That millage will bring in an additional $12,781 in tax money funds, due to higher property values.

The city expects to get a total of $1.1 million from its 2016 property tax revenues.

Also on Monday, City Council members heard from city engineer Jackie Baumann that road improvement projects in the city are moving forward: Right-of-way letters have been mailed to landowners on Cornerview Road for rehabilitation of the street and turn lanes at Irma Boulevard; final plans are underway for left-turn lanes at South Pupera Avenue and La. 30; and the city is awaiting for approval from the state Department of Transportation and Development to bid a project to replace failing concrete and repair sidewalks on La. 44/Burnside Avenue in the oldest part of the city.

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