Math Olympiad McLean Vertigan.jpg

Platinum Division winners in the Louisiana Elementary Math Olympiad are, from left, Nate McLean, first; Anyalina Vertigan, second; Bobby Chen, third; and Lillian Qian, fourth.

About 200 fifth grade students from 50 schools across Louisiana competed for math supremacy Nov. 2 at the 2019 Louisiana Elementary Math Olympiad held at Kenilworth Science and Technology School in Baton Rouge.

The first-place winner in the Platinum Division was Nate McLean, of Episcopal School of Baton Rouge. Other top finishers in the Platinum Division were Anyalina Vertigan, of BASIS of Baton Rouge; Bobby Chen, of Wildwood Elementary in Baton Rouge; and Lillian Qian, of Buchanan Elementary in Baton Rouge.

In all, 50 students received medals for finishing in the top 25 for the Gold Division and Platinum Division competitions. The Gold Division winners were recognized for outstanding achievement in answering grade-level questions. The Platinum Division winners also scored high marks for answering advanced-level math questions.

In addition to winning medals, the top four finishers in the Platinum Division received an iPad Mini, an Anzi Cosmo Robot, a 3D printing pen and a Minecraft Lego set for first, second, third and fourth places, respectively.

The Olympiad is a paper-and-pencil math exam that tests the students' basic skills in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Kenilworth, a public charter middle school, is the founder and sponsor of the annual event.

Local winners in the Platinum Division are:

  • Lucien Carmouche, of Spanish Lake Primary
  • Omar Mahgoub, of Bullion Primary School
  • Shrey Shah, of Spanish Lake Primary School

Ascension Parish winners in the Gold Division are:

  • Hunter Cedotal, of Spanish Lake Primary
  • Rik Chigurupati, of Bullion Primary
  • Maddox Marcel, of Bullion Primary
  • William Mixon, of Bullion Primary School
  • Josiah Stewart, of Bullion Primary School