Ascension Public Schools has scheduled testing dates and locations for high school diploma alternative exams.

Graduation Exit Examination and old GEE retests: Nov. 2-3, RVTO Center (old G.W. Carver Primary site), 518 W. Oak St., Gonzales.

LAA 2 tests: Oct. 29 to Nov. 3, each high school site.

According to the Louisiana Department of Education, the LAA 2 assessment is based on modified standards and available to students with Individualized Education Plans experiencing persistent academic difficulties . Louisiana is phasing out the LAA 2 and only students who have entered a high school cohort prior to 2014-15 may access the subject-specific assessments as a substitute to end-of-course test requirements needed for graduation.

For more information or to register for GEE tests, call Linda Honey at (225) 391-7193 or Jill Gros at (225) 391-7194.