David Guitreau

Gonzales City Councilman David Guitreau, a retired small-business man and lifelong resident of Gonzales, pledges to continue making common sense decisions if reelected to the Gonzales City Council, Division A.

"I know that common sense means good government," Guitreau said in his campaign announcement. "I am your neighbor who wants to work for you."

A 1964 graduate of Gonzales High School, Guitreau, 73, is married to the former Trina Matherne and together they have four children and six grandchildren. He is a retired general contractor with 35 years in the business.

“My pledge is make good decisions that will strengthen Gonzales. I believe in a council that works together to make the city we love an even better to place live, work, and raise a family,” Guitreau said.

He said he will work collaboratively with city leaders in revitalizing the city's historic downtown, supporting commerce and improving public safety, all while maintaining "our hometown atmosphere."

“Gonzales is open for business and our infrastructure and public services must keep up," he said.

Guitreau, a Democrat, pointed to some of the accomplishments of the city council he served on for the past four years, the revision of the city's development code, adoption of a strategic development plan, redevelopment of old K-Mart building, investment of $15 million in expanding the existing wastewater plant and received the Louisiana’s top award in 2019 in economic development.

"As your councilman, I will promote sound economic growth, fiscal conservatism and balanced budgets," he said. “Government does not create jobs, but government can create an environment to support and encourage private enterprise. More jobs mean more successful families and better prospects for our children and grandchildren.

“I ask for your vote to focus on what counts — the people,” he added.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and for overall public safety, Guitreau believes a door-to-door campaign is not reasonable.

"I do want to hear your ideas, thoughts and comments about this election which is very important for the city of Gonzales' future," he said.

Guitreau can be reached at (225) 603-3060 or by email at davidggc@gmail.com.

Editor's Note: This story was corrected on Aug. 12 to change the spelling of the candidates.