The Gonzales Garden Club, which meets the first Wednesday of the month from September through May, kicked off a new season Sept. 2 at Lorraine Gautreau’s home with a jambalaya luncheon.

President Priscilla Monson started her second term with a welcome address, and Corresponding Secretary Mary Jo Pohlig called roll.

Barbara McCormick, Pohlig and author Jamie Trisler performed a skit written by Trisler depicting two experienced members helping one new member become knowledgeable and helpful with club duties and community projects.

Conchita Richey, Barbara Guillot and Marilyn Rice each brought a floral design and explained how they produced S-curve or crescent-shaped arrangements by positioning the plant material.

Business discussions included preparation for a dried arrangement demonstration, procedures for choosing and reporting yard of the month awards, the treasurer’s report and proposed budget, book donations to the library, a gift donation for the upcoming district meeting auction, plans for planting a commemorative rose bush for the late Ruby Nell Smith, craft materials needed for the next meeting and notification of two tours planned by Weezie Cashat.

Myra Mire reported that one of the 96 trees registered by the Gonzales Garden Club into the Live Oak Society had blown down in an April storm. The century-old tree, named Blanche Mire, had a girth of 21 feet, 4 inches.

The horticultural hint and garden tip of the month addressed transitioning from warm season to cool season garden practices.