St. Amant Primary School 4-H students recently participated in a pumpkin decorating contest.

The following students were winners:

FUNNIEST: first place, Kaylon Moran; and second place, Isabella Villenurve.

SCARIEST: first place, Triton Bercegeay; second place, Gabby Boquet; and third place, Wes Keller.

ANIMALS: first place, Grace Fusillier; second place, Presley Boudreaux; and third place, Ashlyn Picou.

TEAM SPIRIT: first place, Taylor Moore; second place, Nina Stephens; and third place, Ellie Robicheaux.

CELEBRITY: first place, Aiden Fountain; second place, Cash Bocz; and third place, Cooper Cheatwood.

MISCELLANEOUS: first place, Katie Tanner; second place, Caleigh Snyder; and third place, Aubree Galtier.

PRINCIPAL’S PICK: first place (tie), Presley Boudreaux and Emily Vidrine.