The Ascension Advocate on Thursday inadvertently omitted part of a story on the Donaldsonville City Council. Below is the complete story.

City councilmen are looking for options in dealing with a national discount store’s apparent disregard for litter control and grass cutting at its local site.

During their meeting Tuesday, council members discussed the condition of the grounds at the Dollar General store at 609 First St.

“They don’t cut their grass regularly, and it looks horrible,” said Councilman Reginald Francis Sr., whose district includes the store.

Francis said the city has approached store management on numerous occasions, requesting it cut grass and clean litter found around the store. He added that the problem is sometimes fixed quickly and, other times, is not.

Councilman Charles Brown Sr. said he feels the store management’s lack of maintaining the grounds is disrespectful to the city.

“If you go to other Dollar General stores, it’s not like that,” he said.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr. said businesses such as Dollar General typically contract out lawn maintenance services. However, the city has cut the store’s grass before and billed the store.

“There have been occasions where the grass has been so high, our 360-degree turn mower can’t be seen in there,” he said. “It’s unacceptable. We’ve told them they need to do a better job.”

No one from Dollar General was present at Tuesday’s meeting, but City Attorney Chuck Long suggested that store management may not be taking the city’s requests seriously.

“They’re not listening to you, Mr. Mayor,” Long told Sullivan.

Long also suggested the business’ failure to maintain its property could affect the council renewing its business license.

“This could almost be considered a nuisance,” Long said.

The city also voted to set its annual Halloween trick-or-treating hours in coordination with those to be set by Ascension Parish government.

The Parish Council will take up the matter Thursday night at its meeting at the Parish Courthouse in Donaldsonville.