The War-Pelicans football team recently completed its first season in the Catholic School Athletic Association.

The team is made up of seventh- and eighth-grade players from St. Theresa Middle School in Gonzales and Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School in Baton Rouge. The schools merged their football teams because neither was large enough to fill its roster, a news release said.

The schools also merged their coaching staff for the team, which includes head coach and offensive coordinator Chris Hannie, defensive coordinator Mike Anderson, defensive line coach Jason McCaan, offensive line coach Preston Caldwell, receivers and defensive backs coach Eric Pizzolato and special teams coach Patrick Hannie.

The War-Pelicans won nine of their 10 games, with their only loss to the Ravens, a merged team comprised of players from St. Thomas More School and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School, both of Baton Rouge. The War-Pelicans redeemed the loss when they defeated the Ravens in the St. Michael Warrior Bowl 14-7.

Catholic High School hosts the Catholic School Athletic Association’s football championship, traditionally called the Bruin Bowl, every year.

This year’s game was between the War-Pelicans and the undefeated Crusaders, a merged team of players from St. Jean Vianney Catholic School, of Baton Rouge, and St. Alphonsus Catholic School, of Central. The hard-fought game saw the War-Pelicans emerge with a championship victory of 47-18.