At Dutchtown High School, teacher Mandy Perret is using a $1,000 grant awarded through the Ascension Fund to provide her students with access to online resources for improving their class grades, Advanced Placement test scores and ACT scores.

The grant money was provided by the Southwest Computer Bureau.

The online program provides detailed explanations for students who miss problems, helpful videos, practice quizzes and work sheets, available both at school and at home.

Perret said the program helped student Jared Evans understand complex topics in Algebra II, and helped student John Holliday learn about the career of psychology.

The program allows teachers to analyze students’ proficiency and where they can improve. 

The Gonzales Rotary Club established The Ascension Fund in 1991 as an instrument for private sector leaders to invest directly in the work of individual teachers and schools. Teacher grants of $500 or $1000 and school impact grants of $2,500 are awarded on an annual competitive basis.