Rayien 'Juicy' Oatis is ready to bring his athletic talents to Donaldsonville High School.

Donaldsonville has had its share of outstanding athletes come through and go on to do great things. Rayien “Juicy” Oatis is on his way to becoming a part of that group.

Oatis is an incoming ninth grader at Donaldsonville High School, and it certainly looks like he will have a chance to play early on the football field and the basketball court. Oatis has excelled in the local basketball and football leagues since a young age.

He played his middle school ball at Lowery and excelled on and off the court. His basketball talents have allowed him to play for a local AAU team, the Hoyas. He credits his youth coaches Devon Allen, Pedro Porter, Dio Bernard and LaTrent White, and also his trainer and future high school basketball coach, Courtney Brown, for his development.

Oatis has been a National Biddy Basketball MVP and has helped win several AAU Championships and a Regional Biddy Championship. He was selected to participate in the NOLA East-West all-star game in August, where he competed against some of the top players in the southeast region of the state. Oatis was selected as the defensive MVP of the game. 

Oatis credits his parents — Darell and Shirell Honora and the late Randell Oatis Sr. — and his brother, Randell Oatis Jr., for continuing to push him athletically and academically. Oatis was an honor student at Lowery Middle and plans to keep that going at Donaldsonville High.

Oatis is a player to watch for the class of 2024 and is ranked in basketball and football. The two-sport athlete says he may also give baseball a try.

Knowing this young man and having had a chance to coach his late father and his stepdad, I know he will continue to be humble and make great choices. Oatis’ goal is to be the best he can be and make his parents proud.

Something tells me that will happen; he will certainly leave his mark.