Ascension Athletics for June 16, 2016 _lowres

Lyle Johnson

A number of Ascension Parish baseball players were selected to the District 5-5A First Team. Pitchers includes senior Hayden Adams and Cole Holley of the East Ascension Spartans along with Dillon Abbess of the Dutchtown Griffins. Making the team as a catcher was East Ascension junior Austin McGinnis.

The selections for the infield were led by St. Amant Gator junior Adam Sevario and senior Cole Holley of East Ascension. In the outfielder were senior Brandt Fritsche of Dutchtown, along with senior Kade Waguespack of East Ascension and senior Justin Duhon and sophomore Briggs Bourgeois of St. Amant. The utility players were seniors Tristan Babin of East Ascension, Tyler Dixon of St. Amant and Nick Ourso of Dutchtown.

Selected for the second team were pitchers junior Austin McGinnis from East Ascension, sophomore Hayden Mallory of St. Amant and senior Hunter Sanford of Dutchtown. The catchers were senior Tyler Boeding of Dutchtown and junior Brock Gonzales of St. Amant.

Infielders included senior Brock Bowen of St. Amant, sophomore Charles Stevens, of East Ascension and juniors Caleb Ricca and Payton Stafford, Dutchtown. Picked in the outfielder were senior Ben Thompson and sophomore Noah Fontenot of East Ascension and junior Slade Gaudin of St. Amant. The utility players were senior Jorda LeBlanc of East Ascension along with senior Conner Ghere and junior Dane Anderson of Dutchtown.

The first team in District 8-1A selected as pitchers were Falcon Mire and Landon Clifton of the Ascension Catholic Bulldogs. Picked in the infielder were Payton Bahlinger of the Ascension Christian Lions along with Garrett Hales and Nick Bellina of Ascension Catholic. In the outfield Kagen Carter, Ascension Christian, was selected. Utility players selected were Collin Landry and James Martin of Ascension Catholic, along with Josh Diez of Ascension Christian.

Second-team pitchers selected were Cole Amadee of Ascension Catholic and Mason Braud of Ascension Christian. Seth Mangrum, Ascension Christian was picked as a catcher. Infielders were Ross Ponville of Ascension Catholic and Micah Freeman of Ascension Christian. In the outfield were Tyran Braud and Mark Tasker of Ascension Christian. Utility players picked were Blake Barbier, and Ryan Millbrooks of Ascension Christian, along with Austin Esquivel of Ascension Catholic.

In District 5-5A girls’ softball on the first team were pitchers junior Ali McCoy of Dutchtown, senior Gabby Sharp of St. Amant, along with junior Jessie Watts of East Ascension. The catchers were junior Taylor Trabeaux of St. Amant and senior Bria White of Dutchtown.

The infielders selected were senior Kara Gremillion and junior Kourtney Gremillion of St. Amant, along with senior Hope Vezinat of Dutchtown and junior Claire Weinberger of East Ascension. Outfielders picked were junior Verlencia Jackson of East Ascension, and sophomore Abby McKey of St. Amant. The designated player picked was freshman Jadyn Rumfellow of St. Amant. Utility players were sophomore Pamela Carbo and freshman Taylor Tidwell of St. Amant, along with junior Bailey Gilleon of Dutchtown.

Second-team selections includes catcher sophomore Mackenzie Andrews of East Ascension and infielder senior Jordan Langlois from East Ascension. Outfield choices were senior Royelle Cobb of Dutchtown, sophomore McKenzie King of St. Amant and junior Taja Landry of East Ascension. The designated player was junior Callie Sholmire of East Ascension and picked as the utility player was sophomore Blayne Pence form Dutchtown.

Co-Most Valuable Players were Kara Gremillion from St. Amant and Jessie Watts of East Ascension. Selected as Coach of the Year was Scott Nielson from St. Amant.

In District 8-1A, players selected to the first team were pitcher Julia Beck of Ascension Catholic, junior; catcher Ali Richard, Ascension Catholic, senior; infielders Bailey Acosta, Ascension Catholic, freshman and Maggie Blanchard, Ascension Catholic, senior; outfielders Rae’Shawn Melancon, Ascension Catholic, junior and Aimee Prejeant, Ascension Catholic, senior; utility players Ceily Grisaffe, Ascension Catholic, eighth-grade, and Amanda Swanson, Ascension Christian, senior.

The second-team selections were Pitcher Allyson Cambre, Ascension Christian, senior; catcher Mary Abshire, Ascension Christian; junior infielders Lauren Landry, Ascension Catholic, freshman; Maddy Kohan, Ascension Christian, senior; and Marley Crystal, Ascension Christian, sophomore; outfielders Alicia Canatella, Ascension Catholic, freshman; and Emily Millet, Ascension Christian, sophomore. The utility players selected were Isabelle Abadie, Ascension Catholic, eighth-grade; and Olivia Ratcliff, Ascension Christian, junior.

The Most Valuable Player of the year was Julia Beck, Ascension Catholic, and Brandi Manry, of Ascension Catholic, was named Coach of the Year.

All-Metro Track & Field

The boys represented in the All-Metro Track & Field selection. Dylan Stevens, St. Amant, was honored in the discus and Keilyn Raven, St. Amant, was honored for the triple jump.

Cody Simmons, of St. Amant, was selected for his run in the 400-meter. Zach Capello, Ascension Catholic, was honored for his efforts in the 1,600-meter and 3,200-meter runs.

In the 300 hurdles, Zach Kilpatrick, Dutchtown, and the St. Amant 4x100 relay team were included for honors.

The girls represented in the All-Metro Track & Field were Leah Scott, Dutchtown; Maggie Duplechein, St. Amant; Cameron Matherne, St. Amant and Morgan Tidwell, St. Amant. Track events; 800: Maerys Joseph, Ascension Catholic. Rocky Capello of Ascension Catholic was named Coach of the Year.

Be safe on the water

Summertime is here and that means more watercraft of all kinds on our waterways. We have lots of navigable water that makes water sports extremely popular. The kids are out of school and fishing is good as well this time of year.

Not everyone possesses the same boating skills, which is one of the problems when one might be out boating. Increased traffic compounds the problem, making for more opportunities for accidents.

In the past two weeks there were two water accidents that didn’t result in any fatalities but could have been worse. The first was an ultra-light aircraft accident where an experienced pilot was flying too low. He didn’t have time to react and crashed in the Diversion Canal.

The other accident involved a boat in the Diversion at the start of the Wednesday afternoon bass tournament. Most of the canal has bulkheads on both sides that can create a barrage of waves from all directions.

Either lack of experience or bad judgment in all those waves caused the boat to become airborne and strike a parked boat on a nearby pier resulting in four injuries. Fortune played a big part in this one not being worse. Please, please be careful when boating.

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