BAKER — Police arrested a 23-year-old man Sunday morning after pedestrians found his 2-year-old son walking alone in the roadway in the area of Don Avenue and McHugh Road, Police Chief Mike Knaps said.

Officers booked Kenneth Johnson-Dyer at Parish Prison on one count of child desertion, Knaps said. He was released on $6,000 bail.

Knaps said three officers canvassed homes in the neighborhood for more than an hour before a 4-year-old girl peeking out a doorway at 4615 Don Ave. identified the boy as her brother from a photograph an officer showed her.

The police chief said Johnson-Dyer was sleeping inside and initially did not want to come to the door.

Johnson-Dyer told police his girlfriend left the house and told him the children were sleeping. He also said he was not aware the child was out of the house, Knaps said.

Police called child protection service officials to investigate the matter further, the police chief said.