Mary Landry, Rotary president, with Shawnel Hebert, of Really Hot Air Balloons, at the Zachary Rotary Club meeting 

On June 9, the Zachary Rotary group learned about Really Hot Air Balloons, a family owned business in Zachary.

It has three pilots and has been flying hot air balloons since the early 1990s. Shawnel Hebert, of Really Hot Air Balloons, said ballooning has been a long loved sport and hobby for the family for many years.

Really Hot Air Balloons offers private flights over Zachary and close surrounding areas. Flights take place around sunrise.

They also offer tethered rides for birthday parties or events. This is where the balloon is tied off and goes up about 40-50 feet in the air and comes back down. The best time of day to book this is late afternoon/evening.