ZACHARY — The City Council agreed Tuesday to authorize the mayor to apply for a water enrichment grant through the Louisiana’s Community Development Block Grant Program.

The council also decided to obtain a consultant and engineering services related to the grant application.

The city could be awarded up to $800,000 to update the waterlines in “The Avenues” area of the city, Mayor David Amrhein said. “We need to make sure we have enough water pressure to meet the fire code,” he said.

City Engineer Bianca Carambat said that “project severity” is one of the factors the state considers in awarding the grants. She reported that the city has fixed 13 leaks in that part of the city during the past year.

“Homeowners need to report leaks right away,” the mayor said. He added that town hall meetings would also be important in establishing the urgent need for the repairs.

Other matters considered by the council included:

NO PASSING ZONE: The council agreed to support a letter asking the state to make a no passing zone on the section of Plank Road from La. 64 to W.J. Wicker Road. During a recent town hall meeting in the Millwood Creek subdivision, residents expressed concern about vehicles traveling at high speeds through the area, Councilman Tommy Womack said.

SURPLUS VEHICLES: The council adopted an ordinance allowing the city to sell surplus equipment and vehicles at a public auction.

The mayor said that the sale would “clean up the yard” and allow the city to add to its warehouse.