ZACHARY — Councilman John Coghlan told the City Council he thinks the city should have its own traffic division to deal with speeders and should end its contract with Redflex Traffic Systems.

Councilman Francis Nezianya, however, pointed out during Tuesday night’s council meeting that the council voted last year to end its contract with the Arizona company that currently operates Zachary’s radar-based photo enforcement program.

But the city is locked into the agreement for another three and a half years.

Mayor David Amrhein then suggested that the Redflex equipment could be set up “on a dead end street” or programmed to record only those vehicles going 20 mph over the speed limit.

“The contract is at best silent on who has authority to set and move the equipment,” City Attorney John Hopewell said.

The committee took no action but agreed to revisit the issue at the next meeting.

In other action Tuesday night, the City Council:

Voted to introduce an ordinance setting a property tax of 3.17 mills for 2011 — the same as 2010.

“We just want the public to know that this is very low and we intend to keep it that way,” Amrhein said.

Voted to allow the mayor to request property appraisals for property at 4412 Lee St. and 4424 Lee St., two residences behind City Hall, for possible future use.

Watched while Fire Chief Boyce Smith presented Nolan Johnson III of Zachary with a certificate of bravery.

On June 6, Johnson used his own fire extinguisher to help contain a blaze in a neighbor’s home.

“Young men like you make Zachary what it is today,” the mayor said.