ST. FRANCISVILLE — The West Feliciana Parish School Board on Tuesday approved restructuring several school programs, including the physical education programs at Bains Elementary and Bains Lower Elementary schools.

The restructuring is designed to offset a projected $1.5 million deficit expected in the next fiscal year.

Board members also approved during their special meeting reconstituting the Behavior Modification Clinic at the parish high school, and hiring a technology assistant at the middle school.

The behavior modification program is being developed into a Time-Out Room, staffed by a paraprofessional.

Another restructuring change calls for hiring a one-to-one technology assistant at West Feliciana Parish Middle School.

The technology assistant job slot will be filled by a teaching assistant, who will provide students with one-to-one support and take charge of computer hardware and software support.

Superintendent Hollis G. Milton said that in reducing the looming budget deficit, the school system will have to shed more than 20 jobs this year; although that number is a “moving target,” he said.

The restructuring, said Milton, will include hiring back people to fill “critical positions.”

Beverly Grant, human resource supervisor, explained that the elementary schools’ physical education programs are important to the physical fitness and healthy lifestyle of children.

By restructuring the program with two coaches at Bains Elementary and one coach at Bains Lower Elementary, the children will get 30 minutes of play and recreation time daily, Grant said.

The coordinator, who will be a certified teacher, will organize the physical education programs at both elementary schools, Grant said.