BAKER — The Baker School Board approved recommendations by Superintendent Ulysses Joseph to hire two teachers and transfer two others.

Board members, however, had failed to obtain the required unanimous support to add an item to the agenda dealing with the action.

The proposal that failed to gain backing by all board members would have authorized the superintendent to hire personnel on a temporary basis until the board could approve such actions at its next regular meeting.

State law requires a unanimous vote to add an item to the meeting agenda, legal adviser Winston DeCuir Sr. told the board.

Board member Doris T. Alexander said at the March board meeting that members unanimously gave the superintendent authority to hire needed personnel between board meetings, provided drug testing and fingerprinting are approved and references are checked.

Alexander said that otherwise, it would appear that the board would be “micromanaging” its superintendent.

Board President Dana Carpenter said the usual procedures call for the superintendent to hire personnel on a temporary basis until the board gives final approval at regular meetings.

But DeCuir said that after reading the board’s March meeting minutes, it appears that the superintendent has “unlimited” authority to hire personnel between board meetings.

Carpenter said that the superintendent apparently has carte blanche authority in hiring personnel.

He also noted that Tuesday’s meeting was probably not necessary because the policy already was laid out in the March meeting minutes.

Joseph told the board it was important to make the two new hires and the two transfers to ensure sufficient teachers are in the classrooms at the beginning of school.

He said he plans to follow board’s policies at all times.