The Feliciana Animal Welfare Society is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent animal suffering and pet overpopulation in East Feliciana. FAWS is a network of foster homes primarily located in the communities of Clinton, Ethel, Jackson, Norwood, Slaughter and Wilson.

As a pet adoption agency, every day is adoption day at FAWS. Foster parents make homes available for potential adopters to meet and adopt pets seven days a week.

Adoption fees are $40-$125 for canines and $40 for felines.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster family, FAWS provides veterinary care, food, crates, pens and more while they are waiting to be adopted.

Contact FAWS at (225) 252-5138; visit or Facebook at Feliciana Faws; or email FelicianaAnimal Donate to FAWS at P.O. Box 8633, Clinton, LA 70722.