Multiple Veterans Day programs were held in cemeteries around East Feliciana Parish.

Hillcrest Cemetery in Norwood

On the morning of Nov. 7, Charlene Netterville opened the Veterans Day program at Hillcrest Cemetery in Norwood. Mary Anna Leverett, of the Feliciana United Daughters of the Confederacy, Beth Dawson and the Rev. Clark Foshee helped with the service. Ron Thompson, a veteran, read a poem he wrote, “I Am A Veteran.”

As Norwood Mayor Becky Bellue called out names of veterans in the cemetery, a family member picked up a flag to place on their grave. The Rev. Ed Jelks closed with prayer.

Dawson Cemetery

Donna Morgan and Lynnette Gutierrez called all the Dawsons and Morgans together for the annual Veterans Day Program at Dawson Cemetery, which was held Nov. 10. Morgan, Gutierrez and Pat Wider, a member of the Military Order of the World Wars, led parts of the ceremony. Charlie Morgan, 8, a student at Bains Elementary, read a poem. Donald Morgan, Dianne Parker, Gutierrez, Libby Morgan and Donna Widner, took part in a candle-lighting ceremony. Pat Widner read a poem about veterans.

Donna Widner called out the names of veterans buried at the Dawson Cemetery. Charlie Morgan and Olive Gutierrez, a second grader at Walker Elementary, took turns ringing a bell after each name, and Pat Widner passed a flag to a family member. Other family members who were veterans but buried elsewhere were then recognized followed by recognition of living veterans and soldiers.

Jackson Cemetery

Sunday afternoon, the Jackson community gathered at the Town of Jackson Cemetery to honor veterans and to pay their respects to veterans living and fallen. The program was presented by the Alexander Stirling Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Marshall Mark Dousay, a member of the Town of Jackson Cemetery Association, Chris Gorman, Jackson Fazio, Kathy Welch, Linda Karam, Rynn Fazio, CC Hayden, Beth Dawson and Chris Curry participated in the ceremony.

Veterans attending and recognized included, Shannon Giroir, Chris Curry and Richard Dudley.

Family members and Boy Scouts of Troop No. 51 placed flags on the graves of all veterans.