On Nov. 11, Master Gardener Virginia Dean and her husband, Cbo Dean, arrived at Bains Lower Elementary school gardens to unload soil to fill existing raised beds at the school.

Lanya Mayer, Play 60 coach at Bains Lower Elementary, and Layne Langley, LSU AgCenter area nutrition agent, knew the beds needed additional soil but weren’t sure where the funds would come from to purchase it.

Virginia Dean, who had recently come to Bains Lower Elementary to work on the beds noticed the need and brought it up at a Feliciana Master Gardener Meeting. She asked them if they would consider buying and donating the soil.

The master gardeners agreed to the donation and Virginia Dean volunteered to get the soil. She and her husband filled their 18-foot trailer with two cubic yards of soil and delivered it. With the help of fellow Feliciana Master Gardener Annette Zimmer, Lanya Mayer, Jessie Hoover, LSU AgCenter agriculture and natural resources agent, the soil was shoveled and raised beds filled.

The kindergarteners and first graders at Bains Lower Elementary have already planted radish and turnip seeds and are looking forward to planting carrots and mustard green seeds.

For information about the nutrition and school garden program at Bains Lower Elementary, contact Langley at (225) 635-3614 or at lalangley@agcenter.lsu.edu.