East Feliciana Parish Prison bookings Jan. 7- Feb. 11:

Jan. 7

Jamarcus Matthews: 4390 Felix Lee Road, Ethel; 27; bench warrant

Jan. 8

Arno Grace Jr.: 2070 Jake Lane, Sunshine; 30; probation violation

Jan. 9

Blake Foster: 11381 Dan Delee Road, Norwood; 20; domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace

Warren Goss: 3416 Zion Ridge Road, Louisville, Mississippi; 52; simple battery, cruelty to juvenile

Jan. 10

Ali Saeed: 10808 Plank Road, Clinton; 32; simple arson

Jan. 11

Eary London: 1573 Fig St., Baton Rouge; 59; criminal damage to property, simple burglary

Curtis Campbell: 5511 Gilead Road, Clinton; 38; six bench warrants

Derick Taplin: 105 Smith St., Centreville, Mississippi; age not available resisting an officer, fugitive warrant

Jan. 13

Chandler Davis: 11436 Redwood Lane, Wilson; 18; illegal carry of weapon, criminal damage to property, simple burglary

Christopher Ruffin: 7232 Tommy James Lane, Jackson; 32; aggravated assault with a firearm

Jan. 14

Bakari Andrews: 6174 La. 63, Clinton; 22; domestic abuse battery

Racey Ford: 28188 Plank Road, Zachary; 45; aggravated obstruction of highway, two counts of resisting arrest of officer

Jan. 15

Rachel Guillory: 10166 La. 421, St. Francisville; 41; theft

Jan. 17

Anthony Green: 3412 Frenchmen St., New Orleans; 27; two counts of battery on a correctional officer

Jan. 19

Melvin Touro: 11929 Newsom Drive, Baton Rouge; 30; possession of a firearm or carrying concealed weapon

Jan. 20

Justin Babin: 2807 Rush St., Slaughter; age not available, probation violation

Jan. 24

John Muse: 90 Kelly Lane, Greensburg; 41; criminal trespass, illegal carrying of weapon

Jan. 25

Jessica Fisher: 9727 Grant St., Clinton; 31; aggravated second degree battery

Robert Barber Jr.: 7645 La. 961, Clinton; 27; fugitive warrant

Calvin Williams: 1209 Palmetto St., Pineville; 25; battery of a correctional officer, criminal damage to property

Jan. 27

Marcus Weatherspoon: 5834 Dennis Mack Lane, Ethel; 38; bench warrant, simple battery

Jaqualin Dunn: 2239 Motel Lane, Ethel; 27; bench warrant

Jan. 28

Jeremy Pines: 5965 Street C, St. Francisville; 31; video voyeurism

Terry Woodside: 3333B Miss. 48, West Liberty, Mississippi; 52; DWI first, driving on wrong side of road

Tyler Armstead: 717 Tommy James Lane, Jackson; age unavailable, bench warrant

Jan. 29

Terrance Williams: 9910 La. 10, Ethel; 31; flight from an officer, obstruction of justice, reckless operation, hands-free zone

Deamoniee Hawkins: 3620 Race St., Jackson; age unavailable,  fugitive warrant

Feb. 2

Donequa Chriss: 10406 Grant St., Clinton; age unavailable, disturbing the peace

Breianna Matthews: 10641 Roosevelt St., Clinton; 30; disturbing the peace

Wilbert Savoy: 617 S. Cane St., Opelousas; 50; DWI first, driving on right side of the road

Feb. 3

Lakeisham Spears: 188 Howard Jackson Lane, Slaughter; 37; two bench warrants

Desmond Webb: 10422 Carolina St., Wilson; age unavailable domestic abuse battery, simple robbery, two counts of resisting arrest, three bench warrants

Mickey Cunningham: 4550 Cooper Lane, Jackson, age unavailable, driving on roadway laned for traffic, possession of legend drug

Feb. 4

Chancelor Davis: 6255 Kinnon Lane, Ethel; age unavailable, two bench warrants

Feb. 8

Kevin Durham: 8745 Battle Road, Ethel; 51; four bench warrants

Feb. 9

Lenny Mize: 1105 Longwood Drive, Jackson; 39; fugitive warrant

Feb. 11

Kenneth Morgan: 2323 Hope Circle, Waldorf, Maryland; 40; fugitive warrant