As the weather finally begins to cool in south Louisiana, basketball season is just heating up. Silliman Institute played host to the Silliman Basketball Tournament in the days after Christmas.

The tournament took place Dec. 27-28, marking the final games of the year and the decade for most schools involved.

The school played host to various other teams from MAIS 4A, including Cathedral High School, Ben’s Ford Christian School, Centreville Academy and Wilkinson County Christian School.

Being such a small tournament field, each team was only guaranteed to play two games over the two-day period.

The Silliman boys just barely came up short on the second day of the tournament, losing to Wilkinson County Christian by one point, 41-42. Wilkinson County also scored a win on the prior day over Centreville Academy, leaving the tournament with two wins.

Despite the loss, Silliman did look more impressive during the two-day stretch, possibly a sign of changing tides and fortunes as the season goes on.

The girls basketball team was also involved in the tournament, playing games against the aforementioned schools. They also looked impressive in all outings.

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