East Feliciana Parish Prison bookings Sept. 22 to Dec. 2:

Sept. 22

Louis Kent: 67; 12386 Kent Road, Clinton; warrant, malfeasance in office

Sept. 23

Kenneth Washington Jr.: 20; 11001 Wilson St., Clinton; bench warrant, attempted first degree murder

Kendrick White: 19; 10449 Roosevelt St., Clinton; aggravated assault with firearm, bench warrant

Sept. 24

Ryan Nero: 21; 11518 Bank St., Clinton; unauthorized entry, simple assault

Lee Blouin: 39; 7859 Reily Lane, Ethel; disturbing the peace

Tammy Martin: 53; unknown address, Denham Springs; bench warrant

Sept. 25

David Duby: 56; 3734 Church St., Slaughter; domestic abuse battery

Tammy Tullier: 51; 2530 Carolyn Sue Drive, Jackson; DWI first offense, careless operation

John Holliday: 75; 9177 Whitney Lane, Slaughter; fugitive warrant

Sept. 27

James Dunn Jr.: 61; 2223 James Dunn Lane, Jackson; criminal trespass, criminal damage to property

Sept. 28

Joseph Wilson Jr.: 69; 2658 La. 10, Jackson; traffic control signals, driving on roadway laned for traffic, violation of protective order

Eddie B. Simmons: 40; 22042 Ligon Road, Zachary; fugitive warrant, warrant

Courtney Flowers: 30; 4914 McClelland Drive, Baton Rouge; probation hold

Sept. 29

Tyler Turner: 20; 16628 Hooper Road, Greenwell Springs; warrants

Sept. 30

Donald Johnson: 50; 11967 Delia St., Clinton; battery of a dating partner

Treneka Bates: 39; 11967 Delia St., Clinton; battery of a dating partner

Oct. 1

Kevin Daniels: 38; 10235 Plank Road, Clinton; domestic abuse battery

Oct. 3

Dalton Knight: 22; 7645 La. 961, Clinton; simple burglary, obstruction of justice

Oct. 5

Shane Truxillo: 45; 608 Sulsan Drive, Hammond; reckless operation, aggravated flight from an officer, two counts aggravated assault, issuing worthless checks, DWI fourth offense, careless operation

Daniel Root: 18; 21767 Chaney Road, Zachary; illegal carrying of a weapon, two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm

Oct. 6

Casey Anderson: 32; 12281 Feliciana Drive, Clinton; two counts of theft over $500

Oct. 7

Anthony Butts: 31; 6310 Pecan St., Wilson; parole violator

Joshua Milligan: 27; 1351 Greens Parkway, No. 18, Houston; two bench warrants

William Tumilison: 49; 2623 La. 849, Columbia; DWI second, improper lane usage

Oct. 9

Jason Tubbs: 47; 7158 Hopper Road, Baton Rouge; domestic abuse battery

Oct. 10

Keundra Watson: 29; 13063 La. 959, Clinton; DWI first, reckless operation, safety belt use

Darren Sibley: 38; 11124 Downey Drive, Greenwell Springs; fugitive warrant

Oct. 12

Tyquan Vessell: 24; 3300 Franklin St., Jackson; three counts of aggravated assault, resisting arrest or officer, battery on a police officer, public intimidation, disturbing the peace

Melissa Chatagnier: 41; 3142 Race St., Jackson; domestic abuse battery

Oct. 13

Tiffany Babineaux: 38; 6629 Dobrowoiski Lane, Ethel; unauthorized use of a movable

Charles Moten: 37; 11699 Liberty Highway, Clinton; disturbing the peace intoxicated, remaining after forbidden

Oct. 15

Jessie Clark: 42; 3016 Charles St., Jackson; disturbing the peace, resisting arrest with force

Oct. 16

Jamie Dunn: 35; 8031 Pine St., Ethel; two bench warrants

Oct. 17

Hubert Hawkins: 66; 3053 Bourbon St., Jackson; aggravated assault with firearm

Oct. 19

Ovid Cummings: 37; 6078 Shallow Brooks Lane, Zachary; fugitive warrant

Derrick Pipes: 47; 10340 Oak Drive, Clinton; abuse of elderly, aggravated assault, battery of police officer

Oct. 21

Lauren Broome: 33; 387 Wales Cemetery Road, Greensburg; probation violator

Jose Caruso: 60; 8823 Reech Road, St. Francisville; domestic abuse battery

Amollaya Welch: 33; 4520 Cooper Road, Jackson; bench warrant, resisting arrest or officer

Oct. 22

Christopher Harrison: 29; 14578 La. 10, St. Francisville; forcible rape, domestic abuse battery, two counts aggravated battery

Oct. 23

Ovid Cummings: 37; 6078 Shallow Brooks Lane, Zachary; probation violator

Oct. 24

Huey Harris: 37; 7317 Tommy James Lane, Jackson; simple assault, simple battery, domestic abuse battery

Oct. 25

Stephanie Pleiones: 39; 13715 Tech Drive, Baton Rouge; seven fugitive warrants

Oct. 26

Jessica Nunnery Rowe: 39; 7852 Connie Dr., Jackson; bench warrant, theft over $5,000

Oct. 27

Dequincy Hunt: 25; 4303 Gwendolyn Drive, Baker; possession of firearm by felon, aggravated flight from an officer

Oct. 28

Shawn Dearmond: 32; 4005 Hemlock St., Zachary, fugitive

Oct. 29

Warren Goss: 23; 115 Thelma Lane, Woodville, Mississippi; simple possession, possession of Schedule 2

Jonathon Turner: 26; 4020 La. 952; Jackson; unauthorized use of a movable, bench warrant

Eric Keller: 30; 10722 Johnson St., Clinton; criminal damage to property, simple battery

Oct. 30

Jamenisha Huff: 24; 5665 McClelland Drive, Baton Rouge; malfeasance in office, introduction of contraband in a penal facility

Jean Matthews: 42; 3242 Landmoor Drive, Slaughter; bench warrant

Oct. 31

Courtney Hooge: 35; 11579 La. 961, Clinton; bench warrant

Jeremy Matthews: 28; 1211 Church St., Clinton; disturbing the peace, public intimidation, resisting arrest by flight, domestic abuse battery, two bench warrants

Nov. 1

Frederick White: 29; 10449 Roosevelt St., Clinton; operating a vehicle while license is suspended

Caleb Winters: 20; 11918 Old South Drive, Clinton; two warrants

Nov. 2

Wayne Kirkland: 34; 70151 B Alford Road, Kentwood; two bench warrants

Nov. 4

Chasity Harveston: 29; 3735 Perrytown Road, Crosby, Mississippi; vehicle license required, resisting arrest

Nov. 5

Dawn Clarke: 43; 7000 La. 10, Jackson; fugitive warrant

Nickolas Williams: 40; 1354 Daniel Webster St., Baton Rouge; fugitive warrant

Timothy Hall: 45; 525 La. 19, Slaughter; simple battery

Nov. 8

Tammy Jimez: 44; 12823 Polk Brannon Road, St. Francisville; possession of Schedule II, prohibited acts-drug paraphernalia, resisting an officer

Michael Morgan: 62; 3143 Palmer Lane, Jackson; vehicle license required, security required, driving under suspension, two counts possession of Schedule II, prohibited acts-drug paraphernalia, resisting an officer, bench warrant, introduction of contraband into a penal facility

Nov. 12

Chad Patrone: 36; 118 Halfway Road, Donaldsonville; bench warrant, fugitive warrant

Mikki Helm: 48; 10113 Lathers Lane, Slaughter; tail lamps required, license plate required, insurance required, driver must be licensed, possession of Schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia

Nov. 13

Jessica Guy: 38; 2629 Meadowwood Drive, Slaughter; criminal trespass, improper supervision of a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Dennis Guy: 46; 2629 Meadowwood Drive, Slaughter; improper supervision of a minor

Steven Etheridge: 18; 2727 South St., Baker; criminal trespass, contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Victor Conrad: 23; 7180 Lemon Road, Clinton; criminal trespass, prohibited acts, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, prohibited acts-Schedule II, illegal carry of weapons, violations of registrations provisions

Nov. 14

Jerard Marshall: 42; 5416 Blackmore Road, St. Francisville; two bench warrants

Nov. 15

Charles Record: 42; 12985 La. 955, Clinton; operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving on roadway laned for traffic

Desmond Galmon: 27; 11001 Wilson St. Lot 1, Clinton; disturbing the peace

Raymond Johnson: 54; 4118 Carter St., Jackson; driving under suspension, two counts possession Schedule II narcotics, possession of marijuana

Areil Barker: 27; 58360 Irion St., Plaquemine; probation warrant

Nov. 16

Larry Grant Jr.: 43; 58285 Meriam St., Plaquemine; theft, theft of a motor vehicle

Edward Butler: 40; 8280 La. 68, Jackson; remaining after forbidden

Angela Simmons: 43; 8280 La. 68, Jackson; battery of a dating partner

Nov. 17

Derrick Thompson: 41; 10432 Grant St., Clinton; bench warrant, aggravated assault with a firearm

Aaron Sanders: 18; 14549 Beaver Creek Road, Norwood; simple burglary

Dakota Beasly: 28; 953 Meadow Glen, Zachary; domestic abuse battery

Nov. 18

Alaina Yaun: 28; 4494 Old Liberty Highway N., Clinton; fugitive warrant

Nov. 19

Joshua Michael Cleveland: 31; 35430 Oakmanor Ave., Prairieville; operating vehicle while intoxicated, reckless operation, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicle

Ajalen Sanders: 19; 10926 Plank Road, Clinton; illegal possession of firearm with controlled dangerous substance, illegal possession of stolen firearm, possession of Schedule IV, proper equipment required on vehicle

Steven Maggard Jr.: 37; 170 E. Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, Arizona; possession of methamphetamine, proper equipment required on vehicles

Nov. 20

Christian Lanns: 24; 7633 Smith Road, Clinton; possession of marijuana, possession of Schedule II, possession of firearm with controlled dangerous substance

Kitterick Miller Jr.: 21; 10719 Kennedy St., Clinton; two counts possession of legend drugs, possession of marijuana, tail lamps, child passenger restraint system

Kovarus Hills: 34; 10501 Roosevelt St., Clinton; illegal carry of a weapon, possession of firearm with controlled dangerous substance, possession of heroin with intent to distribute, possession of LSD with intent to distribute, two counts possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of Schedule II with intent to distribute, prohibited act-drug paraphernalia, driving on right side of road, driving on roadway laned for traffic

Teresa Feduccia: 21; 2708 N. Laureen Drive, Pineville; possession of Schedule IV narcotics, possession of marijuana

Darrel Jeansonne: 28; 10330 La. 959, Slaughter; possession of marijuana, prohibited acts-drug paraphernalia, fugitive

Jared Wilkinson: 21; 1834 Pine St., Jackson; 50 counts of pornography involving juveniles

Nov. 21

Timothy Gibson: 41; 10006 U.S. 87 S, Cuero, Texas; domestic abuse battery, simple criminal damage to property

Nov. 24

Cha’brie Smith: 28; 3209 Delaware Ave., Kenner; simple battery, simple assault

Nov. 25

Joseph Cupit: 31; 14420 La. 19, Norwood; possession of firearm by a felon, hunt without basic resident hunting license

Nov. 26

Dawn Manuel: 36; 4326 Oakland Drive, Ethel; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

Nov. 28

Tonya Neal: 37; 10884 Jacock Road, St. Francisville; two bench warrants

Jonathon Scott: 32; 4114 Florida St., Zachary; DWI third offense, no driver’s license, obscenity, driving on the shoulder

Joseph Wilson: 66; 8620 St. Joseph Lane, New Roads; fugitive

Joseph McClain: 36; 10538 La. 19, Wilson; simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling

Nov. 30

Sandra Reid: 70; 12922 Denham Road, Baton Rouge; two bench warrants

Dec. 1

Christopher Stanga: 45; 3295 Nesom Road, Clinton; DWI second offense, careless operation, evidence of compulsory motor vehicle liability security

Dec. 2

Brittany Veal: 33; 10406 Carolina St., Wilson; automobile insurance fraud