East Feliciana Parish public schools leaders recognized Teachers of the Year from across the district at the February meeting of the School Board.

Earning recognition as District Teachers of the Year are Shauna Walters, District Elementary Teacher of the Year; Jonkeyta White, District Middle School Teacher of the Year; and LaMeeka Lee, District High School Teacher of the Year. They submitted portfolios to the state Teacher of the Year competition sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Education and the organization Dream Teachers.

Teachers of the Year were selected by their peers from each school. They are picked for demonstrating characteristics outlined by the Louisiana Department of Education, including excellence in the field, guiding students of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve academic and lifelong success; leadership and innovation in and outside of the school building walls that helps students be successful; collaboration with colleagues, students, families, and community to foster student success and create a school culture of respect and achievement; and ability to connect with and represent the state of Louisiana.

“We are grateful to each of these teachers for their contributions to our community,” noted Superintendent Keisha L. Netterville. “Outstanding teaching by well-prepared educators is an essential component of ensuring all of our students thrive with purpose.”

Clinton Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Anatasia Profit

“Mrs. Profit believes that every child is impacted by the people that are placed in their lives, and her goal is to make sure that she leaves a positive, lasting impact on every child that crosses the threshold of her classroom,” said CES Principal Laron McCurry.

Jackson Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Shauna Walters

“Miss Walters truly loves and appreciates all of her students for the unique individuals they are, and they love her right back! When her class learned she was selected as the Teacher of the Year, you could hear them screaming with excitement from every corner of the building!” said JES Principal Megan Phillips.

Slaughter Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Molly Peterson

“Mrs. Peterson has a wonderful rapport with students, parents, and colleagues. In her classroom, you will see students actively engaged in learning as well as engaging in differentiated instructional strategies that meet the needs of all of her students,” said SES Principal Kimberly Glascock.

East Feliciana Enrichment Academy Teacher of the Year: Susan Louque

“Ms. Louque believes every student can achieve and provides them with opportunities to advance themselves in their educational journey to success,” said EFEA Principal Ella Mimd-Philson.

East Feliciana Middle School School Teacher of the Year: Jonkeyta White

“Ms. White believes that we should continue to motivate and encourage our students to make a difference in the world and give it all they’ve got to change the future, for the future belongs to those who prepare for it,” said EFMS Principal Inger Sanford.

East Feliciana High School Teacher of the Year: LaMeeka Lee

“Ms. Lee chooses to teach in East Feliciana Parish because of the traditions and culture that the parish provides and shares. Students love to attend Ms. Lee’s classes because of the excitement and engagement that is produced in her classroom,” said EFHS Principal Victoria McMullen-Dunn.