The state playoffs for basketball are just around the corner.

At this point in the season, every game is make-or-break for every team. Some teams don't make it, but some teams rise to the occasion and get hot at just the right time. The East Feliciana Tigers didn’t just get hot in the past month or so, they were on fire.

Last week, the East Feliciana boys already had an impressive nine-win streak, but to finish the season with two additional wins means far more. For instance, by not losing in nearly a month, this team is confident. Confidence is one of the most important factors when stepping onto any field of play. When a team plays confidently, fewer mistakes happen and everything runs so much more smoothly on the court.

On Feb. 4, the Tigers won their rubber match with Capitol High School. The game was tooth-and-nail to the very end, with the Tigers winning 77-73. This Capitol High School team is one that they lost to early in the season. Now the Tigers have beaten Capitol twice in a row. This shows the growth they have experienced throughout this season, and they are only getting better as the weeks go on.

To end its regular season East Feliciana took on Cristo Rey Baton Rouge and put on a dominant show, winning the game 52-22. The East Feliciana Tigers are doing seemingly everything right.

To update the statistics for the Tigers in the past 11 games, the team has now outscored its opponents 676 to 452. To put that in perspective, they have defeated each of their last 11 opponents by an average of 21 points. 

Playoff brackets are announced Feb. 24. It has been a really fun month for these young men, and they surely deserve a day or two to celebrate their recently unbridled success.

Joel Robinson covers sports for The Democrat and The Watchman. To share tips about area sports news, email