CLINTON — Contractors interested in bidding on a massive road repair project are scheduled to meet April 25 to go over guidelines for the work, East Feliciana Parish police jurors learned Monday.

The $3.25 million project, financed by federal funds, will restore miles of parish gravel roads to their condition before the August 2016 flood.

Parish Emergency Preparedness Director Joseph Moreau said the pre-bid conference is designed to answer questions that contractors may have about any aspect of the work. Bids will be accepted May 7.

Moreau said parish officials also are looking for a suitable site for depositing spoil material from roadside ditches. Suitable sites must be at least three acres and have the state Department of Environmental Quality's approval.

"We'll be digging out 27 miles of ditches," Moreau said.

Jurors also discussed the ongoing shortage of volunteer firefighters in the parish after Pecan Grove resident Richard Oliveaux said he believes the Pecan Grove fire department did not respond to three fires that destroyed buildings in his neighborhood.

Oliveaux, noting he is not physically capable of fighting fires, said he did not mean to malign the department's volunteers, but he said the Police Jury "has a problem" with seeing that residents have a measure of fire protection.

He said local resident Larry Hofstad managed to get action by the parish Fire District's board of commissioners to get a Class 6 fire insurance rating from the Louisiana rating agency when the area had no rating at all last year.

Oliveaux said he believes that if the proper protocol is followed, the nearest fire department in neighboring West Feliciana Parish would respond to Pecan Grove's calls.

Juror Chris Hall also said he believes the Ethel Fire Department in his district has not responded to a fire call in a year.