CLINTON — East Feliciana Parish public school employees will receive a "13th check" this month from surpluses in two sales tax accounts.

The School Board voted Tuesday to pay the extra stipends with $30,000 from a half-cent sales tax earmarked for teachers, administrators and other instructional employees and $80,000 from a sales tax that is dedicated to salaries for all employees.

The teacher-only account had an annual surplus of $74,723, and financial adviser Tommy LeJeune recommended using $30,000 of it for the extra teacher pay, leaving a reserve balance of $44,723.

The other account had a surplus of $128,430, and LeJeune recommended putting $80,000 of that in the 13th checks.

The amount allocated to the extra check is the same as the board approved last year.

The amount of the extra pay depends on the number of employees who are dividing the surpluses, LeJeune said. An average payout was not available Tuesday night.

In time for Christmas, employees also will get another extra check from property tax surpluses that are dedicated to employee salaries, the adviser said.

The state Legislature also voted this year to give teachers a $1,000 pay raise and other school employees a $500 raise.

LeJeune and Superintendent Keisha Netterville said the school district is receiving the extra money in 12 monthly increments added to the state's Minimum Foundation Program allotments.

The board agreed to give the employees half of the raise in January and the remainder when the school year ends.