PacTec employees wear jeans to help Wounded Warriors _lowres

Photo provided by Trey Castleberry -- Employees of PacTec, Inc. in Clinton made a donation to the Wounded Warriors Project in celebration of Independence Day. PacTec employees, front row from left, are Lesley Kelly, Maria Stanfill, Erin Graves, Morgan Bowman, Troy Town and Wendall Reeves; middle row, Mandy Nettles, Callie Gilkinson, Kalyn Newman, Meredith Smith, Craig Attuso and Chapin Kay; and back row, Caleb Dunn, Micah Schilling, Rodney Terral, Scott Schultz, Carter Fitzgerald and Alex Edward.

Employees of PacTec, Inc. in Clinton celebrated Independence Day by making a $1,202 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project.

PacTec Marketing Director Trey Castleberry said the funds were raised in $2 increments in exchange for employees wearing blue jeans on dedicated days.

PacTec matched what the employees contributed, empowering the team to make a bigger difference, Castleberry said.

So far this year, PacTec employees have donated more $1,800 to the project.

“It’s a small price for us to pay in exchange for the tremendous amount our veterans have given us,” said Craig Attuso, who oversees business development at PacTec. “We thank those that fight and sacrifice for our freedoms today and wish them success once they return from battle.”

The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity that offers programs, service and events for wounded veterans of military actions following Sept. 11, 2001.