The following people were booked into the East Feliciana Parish jail by area law enforcement agencies, including the Clinton, Jackson, Norwood, Slaughter and Wilson police departments, the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office and State Police, from Sept. 1 to Oct. 26:

Sept. 1

Selders, Marcus: 33, 935 Monet Drive, 106, driving while intoxicated, driving on roadway laned for traffic.

Sept. 2

Sahr, David: 26, 2836 Cottage St., Jackson, bench warrant.

Holliday, Laramie: 40, 159 La. 68, Jackson, remaining after being forbidden.

Sept. 3

Lewis, Connell: 72, 270 Magnolia St., Biloxi, Mississippi, driving while intoxicated, speeding.

Sept. 7

Stinson, Nichotandria: address unavailable, bench warrants.

Chatagnier, Melissa: 40, 5265 Oak St., St. Francisville, bench warrants.

Sept. 9

Garrett, Brant: 21, 4089 Florida St., Zachary, theft of a firearm.

Muse, Drexavyr: 19, 6239 Barnes Lane, Clinton, battery of a police officer, resisting arrest.

Sept. 10

Wright, David: 21, 7396 Nance Haynes, Jackson, hit-and-run, altercation, removal of VIN numbers prohibited.

Slack, Keshon: 24, 160 North St., Gloster, Mississippi, sentenced by court.

Sept. 11

Dunaway Jr., Donald: age unknown, 3462 Church St., Jackson, bench warrant.

Sept. 12

Reynolds, James: 30, 386 Parnell Lane, Kentwood, parole violation.

Sept. 13

Clark, Jessie: 41, 3016 Charles Drive, Jackson, criminal trespassing, simple battery, disturbing the peace, bench warrant.

Green, Jatarious: 20, 111 Robinhood Road, Vicksburg, Mississippi, sentenced by court.

Allen, Arrington: 48, 7233 Hanks Drive, Baton Rouge, failure to appear.

Sept. 14

Hardwick, Herman: 54, 11460 Dandelee Road, Norwood, driving while intoxicated.

Smith, Wedon: 62, 8861 La. 67, Clinton, driving while intoxicated, possession of alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle, careless operation.

Sept. 16

Webb, Eric: 50, 10422 Carolina St., Wilson, fugitive.

Cooper, Jacqueline: 40, 45080 Manny Guitreau Road, Prairieville, resisting an officer, bench warrant, probation warrant.

Sept. 18

Small, Dennis: Age and address unknown, battery of a police officer.

Sept. 19

Jarreau, Gavin: 21, 6096 Winchester Lane, Clinton, simple battery.

Sept. 20

Thomas, Cedric: 43, 11627 Cannon St., Clinton, bench warrant.

Sept. 21

Guy, Keondrick: 20, 9039 Folly Brown Road, Clinton, illegal carrying of weapons.

Love Jr., Kenny: 18, 8950 Folly Brown Road, Clinton, illegal carrying of weapons.

Jeansonne, Brandon: 37, 5516 Rush Drive, Slaughter, driving while intoxicated.

Zachary, William: 45, 8749 Aubin St., Zachary, obscenity.

Sept. 22

Miles III, Roger: 24, 2149 S. Greensburg Road, Liberty, Mississippi, aggravated assault with firearm.

Scarberry, Landen: 19, 2136 Morgan Road, Liberty, Mississippi, aggravated assault with a firearm.

Sept. 23

Haney, Betsy: 45, 293 Beauregard, Ponchatoula, warrant.

Craven, Jamie: 45, 1318 Hermitage Drive, Jackson, issuing worthless checks.

Mason, Aimee: 41, 17201 Road 337, Philadephia, Mississippi, contempt of court.

Stevens, Frank: 43, 1855 Boulevard De Province, Baton Rouge, violation of protective order, bench warrant.

Sept. 24

Blackmon, Cravanta: 27, 11441 E. Miss. 24, Centreville, Mississippi, special restrictions on lamps, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, illegal possession of stolen things.

Sept. 25

Butler, Tommie: 66, 17758 Norwood Lane, Norwood, disturbing the peace by intoxication, remaining after forbidden, simple assault.

Sept. 27

Seymore Jr., Jason: 19, 14549 Beaver Creek Road, Norwood, aggravated battery.

Sept. 28

Green, Ashley: 28, 5677 Brown Road, Ethel, warrant, fugitive warrant.

Hunt, Rebekah: 23, 7962 W. Lakeshore Drive, Ethel, warrant.


Winded, Jamey: 26, 9904 Ed Hughes Court, Zachary, bench warrant.

Courtade, Christopher: 29, 62260 Sterling Place, Plaquemine, bench warrant.

Oct. 2

Jefferson, Darius: 38, 13034 E. La. 955, Ethel, domestic abuse battery.

Oct. 4

Holmes, Terry: 49, 11504 Spring St., Clinton, aggravated assault with firearm.

London, Kenneth: 61, 1511 La. 61, Jackson, speeding, warrant.

Williams, Henry: 46, 1525 Brenda Travis St., McComb, Mississippi, bench warrant.

Carpenter, Derek: 31, 3360 Race St., Jackson, bench warrant.

Oct. 8

Daniels, Anthony: 43, 2927 Race St., Jackson, probation violation.

Oct. 9

Seymore, Truman: 22, 2238 Motel Lane, Jackson, second-degree battery.

Oct. 10

Dickenson, Joseph: 38, 4133 Lee St., 19, Zachary, parole violation.

Coon, Kathryn: 26, 918 Paola St., Baker, malfeasance in office.

Penton, Brandon: 22, 13 Wilma Stockstill Road, Picayune, Mississippi, bench warrant.

Scott, Lee Edward: 56, 504 Charleston, Baton Rouge, disturbing the peace, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Calingasan, Gregorio: 59, 6786 Upper CC Road, Clinton, bench warrant.

Oct. 11

Collins, Parsha: 21, 838 Ponderosa Drive, Baton Rouge, introduction of contraband.

Oct. 15

Hausey, Michael: 53, 7737 Barton Lane, Ethel, sentenced by court.

Oct. 19

Newborne, Roy: 60, 6102 La. 19, Ethel, driving while intoxicated, driving on roadway laned for traffic, possession of alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle.

Beeson, David: 58, 20122 Chaney, Zachary, driving while intoxicated, careless operation.

Oct. 20

Douglas, Alvin: 26, 2623 Charles Drive, Jackson, domestic abuse battery.

Smith Jr., Kiffen: 22, 12817 Cypress St., Clinton, illegal possession of stolen things.

Pittman, Jordan: 38, 2349 Holcomb St., Jackson, bench warrant.

Oct. 24

Harris, Roynail: 54, 3161 Quiet Lane, Jackson, probation warrant.

Robinson, Jamarco: 28, 3345 Eddie Robinson Lane, Jackson, probation violation.

Oct. 25

Sambo, Keiquan: 31, 2120 Hatfield Lane, Jackson, simple battery, disturbing the peace.

Oct. 26

Campbell, Curtis: 37, 5511 Gilead Road, Clinton, bench warrant.

Cage, Jacobi: 26, 105 Garden Drive, Clinton, bench warrant, failure to appear.

Tanner, Kailey: 21, 59900 Degeneres Lane, Ethel, speeding, expired driver’s license.