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Police Jury of East Feliciana Parish as they vote to keep the confederate statue in Clinton in front of the courthouse on Monday night. (l-r) Chrisse O’Quinn, Queenola Brooks, Jason McCray, Chris Hall, Louis Kent, Keith Mills, Richard Olveaux, Michael Cheatham and Kyle Fleniken.

CLINTON — The East Feliciana Parish on Monday rescinded its Sept. 8 call for a special election on dividing surplus money obtained from a 3-mill property tax for operating a parish health unit.

Finance Committee Chairman Chris Hall said the jury had not budgeted approximately $16,000 for election costs when it voted earlier this month to seek state Bond Commission approval to change the way in which the tax proceeds are divided.

“It’s not worth fooling with it at this point,” Hall told the jury.

Had voters approved the proposal, the outcome would have been to put more surplus funds into the jury’s general fund at the expense of the road and bridge fund.

Voters agreed in July 2005 to levy the 3-mill tax and divide revenue not needed to operate the health unit at 50% for the general fund and 50% for the road and bridge fund.

In 2014, voters agreed to change the division to 10% for the general fund and 90% for the road and bridge fund.

The proposal considered Sept. 8, with little discussion, would have reset the split at 50-50.

Jurors on Monday also rescinded other motions adopted in the Sept. 8 meeting, including authorizing improvements to the Lindsey (La. 68) polling station and granting a setback variance to a resident who wanted to put a trailer on her lot.

Jurors also rescinded a motion to ask the Planning and Zoning Commission to look into a proposed zip line park because the matter was not worded on the Sept. 8 agenda to indicate that action would be taken.

The status of the Barnhill/Magnolia Ridge Adventure Park near Ethel remained in limbo, however, after the jury voted again, with better notice of its intentions, to refer it to the commission, which was to have met Tuesday.

The park is accessed from a private road shared by other residents, some of whom are upset about a commercial venture operating on a private servitude.

Owner Gabe Ligon said two other commercial operations, a vending machine business and an air-conditioning service, have used the road without complaints. He contends traffic to the site would be in a small bus, rather than from visitors’ vehicles.

He also said he is willing to pay for maintaining the road.

The parish zoning ordinance requires commercial ventures to have access to an arterial road, District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla said.