East Feliciana Parish Prison bookings Aug. 31-Sept. 22:

Sept. 4

Alyssa Gross: 27; 12725 Gross Road, Clinton; two counts of looting, two bench warrants

Sept. 5

Christina Collura: 49; 11927 Wildwood Lane, Clinton; DWI first, improper lane usage

Sept. 8

Richard Hamilton: 59; 446 E. Railroad Ave., Centreville, Mississippi; DWI second, operating a vehicle with suspended license, driving on right side of road

Misti Harris: 30; 2614 Hollygrove St., New Orleans; fugitive

Edwards Brooks: 43; 7125 Richardson Loop, Jackson; fraud

Izra Nowitzke: 43; 101 Shady Grove Lane, Norwood; bench warrant

Sept. 9

Wyatt Mckenzie: 25; 20747 Liberty Road, Pride; reckless operation no accident, two counts of stop sign and yield signs, general speed law

Sept. 11

Justin Lea: 22; 3225 River Road, Bridge City; possession of a firearm by a felon, aggravated assault with a firearm

Sept. 12

Ryan Gross: 23; 12459 Gross Road, Clinton; domestic abuse battery

Joequarious Simmons: 22; 6045 Osyka Progress Road, Osyka, Mississippi; DWI first offense, possession of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle, proper equipment required on vehicles, driving on right side of the road

Jonathon DeVillier: 33; 376 Moss Point Drive, Boyce; domestic abuse battery

Stephen Walker: 47; 8113 W. Lakeshore Drive, Ethel; two counts of theft

Sept. 13

Kemone Haynes: 30; 3444 Greenway Drive, Baton Rouge; fugitive

Sept. 14

Calvin Dukes: 62; 9200 Sanford Lane, Slaughter; DWI first, driving on roadway laned for traffic

Sept. 16

Robert Lee Schuler: 33; 14038 La. 959, Clinton; 10 counts of manufacturing marijuana

Michael Earl Danford: 44; 14038 La. 959, Clinton; aggravated assault

Dejohn Blalock: 26; 2831 Church St., Jackson; bench warrant

Ron Jarrell: 50; 4186 La. 956, Ethel; illegal possession of stolen things, off road vehicles-permits for use on shoulders of highway

Kenwoski Jackson: 40; 10761 Johnson St., Clinton; illegal possession of stolen things off road vehicles-permits for use on shoulders of highway

Kendrick Jackson: 35; 4186 La. 956, Ethel; obstruction of justice, simple burglary, looting

Sept. 17

Amber Ard: 29; 11214 Church St., Clinton; resisting an officer, public intimidation, disturbing the peace, domestic abuse battery

Nathan Kritzman: 42; 62 Razzno Drive, St. Bernard; fugitive

Marquiel Ferguson: 39; 10393 Caroline St., Wilson; reckless operation no accident, aggravated flight from an officer, two counts resisting arrest, possession of alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle, all drivers must secure license, bench warrant

Sept. 18

Michael Smith: 31; 5830 La. 10 Jackson; remaining after forbidden

Joshua Gayle: 25; 1671 Glenmore Ave., Jackson; introduction of contraband into a penal facility

Leslie Parker: 41; 3822 Miller Road, Jackson; driving on right side of road, general speed law, two counts resisting arrest with force or violence, two counts of battery of a police officer, public intimidation, possession of alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle, DWI second offense

Sept. 19

Alicia Whitfield: 31; 7008 La. 10, Jackson; three bench warrants

Sept. 21

Raymond Johnson: 53; 4118 Carter St., Jackson; possession of Schedule II controlled dangerous substance

Janterria Johnston: 23; 688 Dixon Lane, Centreville, Mississippi; two bench warrants

Sept. 22

Corey Bradford: 23; 5742 La. 10 W, Jackson; second degree battery

Louis Kent: 67; 12386 Kent Road, Clinton; malfeasance in office