CLINTON — The town's backup water well has been sidelined in recent days while officials await a report on annual tests for contamination that were delayed by other work on the well.

Jason Head, a representative of the Zachary firm Thornton, Musso and Bellemin, said Tuesday the well on Taylor Street has been isolated from the rest of the system while the test results for arsenic, pesticides and herbicides are pending.

State health officials recently took the samples needed for the chemical analysis and sent them to a lab in Florida. The results are expected next week, Head told the Board of Aldermen.

Head, who is serving as the town's certified water system operator as required by state law, said he has no reason to believe the well is contaminated.

He also said a recent lightning strike knocked out components of the well's controls, resulting in the well running wide open and overfilling the elevated storage tank.

One of two components has been replaced and the other should be replaced by next week, Head said.

The town is under an administrative order to have a backup well in operation.

Mayor Lori Ann Bell said state health officials will come to Clinton to address town residents about its inspection of the system.

Bell said a meeting will be held, probably next week, to explain its findings to town residents.

In a related matter, town accountant Tim Butler said the town's auditor indicated a separate bank account must be opened to hold customers' water meter deposits. Butler, who said the auditor will give an amount in her upcoming report, said the money has been spent as customers have put up deposits for water service.

Butler said the amount will be a "significant amounts of money."

The board voted to set up an account at Landmark Bank and put $1,000 into it every three months.