Mike 'Moon' Mullen's latest novel "The Sawmillers"

Coach writes novel to be available soon

Mike “Moon” Mullens, former high school football coach from East Feliciana, has written his second book.

“The Sawmillers” will be $19.95 and available as soon as Mullens receives his shipment.

He is also in the process of updating his first book, originally titled “You Don’t Say: A Story about my Aunt Emma.” When finished, the new edition will be called “The Two Loves of Aunt Emma.”

Mullens said “The Sawmillers” is about a group of people who are struggling in life. When an opportunity came, they stepped out trusting things would get better. Parts of their journey were cruel and seemed unfair as they toiled and sacrificed to give their children a better life. Is it worth it?

The story includes a man who tries to right a past wrong. Former military man, Col. Ben Price, had enough compassion to reach out to a group of needy people to help them have the courage to start a new life in a better place. But when they arrive, they are openly rejected and even called “Hated Trash” by the locals. Can Price unify the community? What does he do as he makes a valiant effort to bring these two cultures together? Is there a greater evil lurking?

The story is fiction based on a real-life event that occurred just after World War II in southeast Louisiana.

Soil and water board to meet

The Feliciana Soil and Water Conservation District office will hold its regular board of supervisors monthly meeting at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 5. Although the office is not open to producers because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will have a meeting. Members are asked to contact  225-683-5496 Ext. 3 if they are unable to attend.

Transportation available in East Feliciana

While the facilities are closed because of the pandemic, the Council on Aging continues to serve meals to senior citizens in East Feliciana Parish. The agency is also is providing transportation services to all residents of the parish for appointments Monday through Friday in East Feliciana, West Feliciana and East Baton Rouge parishes. While transportation is available to residents of any age, senior citizens get free transportation. Call East Feliciana public transit at (225) 683-9862.

Send news and events for East and West Feliciana parishes to by noon Friday or call (225) 388-0731.